Please use this website as a resource to help you plan and host your own one day animation workshop. Scroll down for lesson plan and a tutorial video and make sure to check the materials and resources section. Thanks for stopping by!


Example Lesson Plan

As students arrive they should be instructed to wait in the projector area. We should also ask them not to touch the legos or iPods yet. All the sets will be set up already with the students name card on their set.
     Brief background on instructors.
     Brief information about the workshop and the continuation of the program.
Introduction to animation in general: (video)
     Introduce and play the introduction video.
     Introduce and play an example moviemaker movie (Lego Film, or ‘Brick’ Film).
First Exercise
     Using the app (also how to use the iPod and tripod if necessary)
     Explain focus, and other technical considerations.
     A fair amount of time should be spent explaining frame rate.
          We recommend choosing a standard frame rate for the class of 6fps.
     Motion guide handout
     Play tutorial video
     Reminding them to notify of low battery and to save often
     Begin walk exercise –
Second Exercise
     Introduce storyboarding while second instructor uploads walk cycle footage to computer.
     Have students create a rough storyboard or shot list (idea outline) while sitting at their sets.
Main Animation Time
     The students work independently as instructors come around to help as needed.
     Remind students to save every 15 minutes.
Sound and effects
     Time to do graphics and effects work on the movies.
     Optionally if any student is finished, they may create a second film.
     Other sources for sound effects
     Encourage all students to use sound.
     A great example video to show if needed, with sound off first and then with sound on
Sharing work
     Email films to parents, upload films to computer for archiving.
     Screen the films for the students on the projector.
Wrapping up
     Talk about the continuation of the program more in depth, possibilities include doing lighting, mixing animation with video, using materials other than lego sets, etc. Get details about the plans for the continuation of the program from the appropriate person.
     Pass out feedback questionnaire
     Questions and Answers.